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“Relief Through Rolling” is a system that brings profound relief of both acute and chronic pain in a fun, simple, and most importantly, pain free method using only an inexpensive foam roller. Whether you have pain in many regions of your body or just in a specific area, these fun and feel-good techniques will have you moving like you did in your prime and feeling ways you have not felt in years.


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By using the Relief Through Rolling techniques you will be able to soften, lengthen, and create the proper tone in the tissues above and below the joints.  The tissues around the joints are what cause the pressure on and in the joint itself. As the muscles and fascial tissues cross the joints they can pull too hard and create much of the joint pain that you are experiencing.  As you use the foam roller in the correct way you will begin to create lasting relief from the tremendous pressure your tight muscles, tendons, and fascia put on the joints.


It can be difficult to figure out whether back pain came first and that caused all of the muscles and fascial tissue to tighten or if the tightened muscles and fascial tissue caused the back pain. The beautiful thing is that when it comes to the Relief Through Rolling program it does not matter which came first. Our program is designed to meet your back where it is and start moving forward to increase movement and improved posture.  By getting increased circulation to the muscle and fascial tissues of the back and coaxing the muscles back into their correct positions to support the spine properly back pain can be a thing of the past.


While there are a few different categories of headaches, 92% of all headaches are tension headaches. Tension headaches can easily be created by incorrect head, neck and back positioning. This then compresses and pinches the sensitive nerves in the head, neck, and back.  By using the Relief Through Rolling program you will address the main problem causing the headaches instead of just treating the symptoms. You will free the myofascial tissue of the shoulder, neck and spine to improve circulation and posture, allowing the head to be relaxed and in its natural position.   This will relieve all the tension in the area and stop the headaches from occurring.

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